New York To Nepal - A beautiful journey where Red Rules

During a journey to Nepal I was captivated by the striking red lip that women wore on the street. Considered a color of revelry and piety, red plays a prominent role in Nepalese society. Scarlet robes wrap and engulf Buddhist monks as they go about their daily rituals, Vermillion,  a brilliant reddish powder adorns Hindu religious sites, the Rhododendron becomes the national flower, Crimson the national color. Red can be seen as a symbol of beauty and strength, an auspicious colour that permeates everyday activities and is also present in beauty rituals throughout Nepal. The lip often thought of as a sensual colour in western society takes on a different role with women wearing red as a sign of purity, dignity an honor, others a casual offering to their daily beauty routine. A suggestion that the simplicity of a red lip is all they needed to define their look. The following photos are inspired by this journey, a melting pot of my collected experience, the environment, beauty and faith defined by colour in both New York and Nepal.